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Posted by EinMeister - September 22nd, 2020

Madness is what made me get so attached to Newgrounds back then when I had no profile and what remembered me of this site and brought me back once i forgot about it. It feels like one of the most important parts of this community, a classic, oh yes. I hope everyone enjoys their day.

Also here's my artwork for the day B)



Posted by EinMeister - August 31st, 2020


How do I even make it embed


Posted by EinMeister - August 2nd, 2020

I thought COD was a bad franchise, but apparently I was wrong. Reviewed the latest published game here


I have no idea how to do embled files, please help.

Also sorry for my monotone voice.

Posted by EinMeister - July 5th, 2020

Yeah, I could've had the "Joined in 2010" thing on my profile, but I also did a lot of dumb, childish things in the past that I wouldn't want to annoy this community with. Maybe it is for the best? I will surely make mistakes in the future too, but it's good to avoid doing them in the first place. I could just hope for the best that the future me isn't a cunt.

Human lives are so fragile. I could not be able to be here tomorrow. I'm not saying this because I sense danger, but because that's the reality that surrounds all of us.

Will my accounts end up like all the ghost accounts on NG that are somehow found by other users? Last posted in 2020 while they are browsing in 2035?

I hope I get to post my next post.


Posted by EinMeister - June 22nd, 2020

HEY! I have no idea how you got on my profile. If someone ever sees this, make sure to let me know. One view is enough to make me feel like i did not do it for nothing.

I have been playing a lot of flash games back in middle school. They were the only thing i was enthusiastic about and pretty much my only friends. I loved 2 games mostly: Madness Project Nexus and another flash called strike force heroes 2 on another site. My favorite sites of finding gems were mainly this and Kongregate. Many were surely not kids games... but meh... it's ok. I have been reviewing hentai games on steam for the last 2 years anyway.

About steam! Today i found out madness project nexus gets on a whole new level and published on steam. Well, that's amazing! The best news i've heard all month and the second game i'm excited for this year. The other one is Cyberpunk 2077 btw.

Basically I am Ein, I do reviews for the third biggest Steam group that is not made by valve, it is called "Hentai!" and it has 860000 members now, in June 2020.

I also have my own curator page with like 120 followers in which i curate stuff that is not hentai and a youtube channel in which i do the same thing.

I am romanian, i think i know english and i also know a bit of russian and german.

I like games so much that a month ago i started learning game development myself. I'm studying gamemaker studio 2 and blender, i want to make better music than the one i make right now and maybe in a few years i'll be able to give people access to a one of a kind game.

I listen to a lot of music, but mainly synthwave, LoFi hiphop, lyrical rap ( even though rap has some very bad examples nowadays ) aaand lots of other stuff that i can't give genre names to?

I like romance anime like Clannad, but my other favorite is Samurai Champloo. I guess i watch one or two small series per year and even less films.

My discord is EinMeister#4035 and this is my steam profile. I am a lot more active there than on newgrounds so it's easier to contact me there.

My favorite 15 games are (not in order):

Borderlands 2

Dishonored 2

Doom Eternal


Hotline Miami 2

Katana Zero

Metal Gear Solid V

Metro Exodus


Sekiro: shadows die twice


StarCraft 2



Yakuza 0

Of course i have a lot of honorable mentions. Two of them being Castle Crashers and Epic Battle Fantasy 5, made with talents coming from this site. I actually got EBF5 from the hentai curator i'm in. Played it for 80 hours before giving it one of the longest reviews i've ever done.

Now I'm not sure if this is some kind of forum post or profile posts so i hope i don't screw up. I'll surely laugh at this and call myself an idiot in 10 years when i find this relic.