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Posted by EinMeister - 1 month ago

MMMMYA YA! Finally! It is madness day and me with the boys managed to finish a year long project. I did the 3D animation for the album's teaser where @RyuuAkito helped with the TV effects and my frog friend helped rendering. I got a potate PC so I have to beg friends with good computers to help out. Ryuu also managed the album btw.

@stoofer97 made the amazing effects and rendering for the youtube upload of the album, badass!

@SquashHead did the iconic album cover, kudos to SquashHead!

I can't believe I got to work with @Cheshyre, who has made the music that was part of my childhood, back when the only games that I played were flashies, now I'm already technically an adult that can drink and drive (not at the same time) and I still love his music, maybe even more than when I was a kid and didn't understand how hard making music this good actually was.

@Lothyde !!! I also can't believe I got to work with him. Besides this album I made the album cover for his Cheshcore Vol. 1 on bandcamp, go buy it!!!! (or at least give it a listen, can't go wrong with that).

@MonoCronic, the one and only! Thank you Mono, without you I don't think I could've ever participated in the project. Badass music and badass friend.

@SentryTurbo, I can't say the album got an objectively best song since all of them are so good, but my personal favorite is Mad Ones from him, go listen to it!!

@Patrystyk and @Vestik (aka Ristik and Vestik) even though their names are similar they are not the same person.

@NavJ03 NAVOJJJJJJJJJJJ, he publicly announced that he needs more subs on youtube and tbh he deserves them so go susbcribe.

@CryNN When you go to a rave make the DJ play his music. If he doesn't want to pull out the big iron.

@Demonicity One of the chillest people I've met. Makes so much music and still reacts to reviews on songs he made years ago.

@Whalefat If all whales did music like him the earth would be 29% ground and 71% pog fishies and sharks.

Also thanks a lot to @NickSenny and DoubleThunder (which does not have a NG account YET, here is his soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/doublethunder) for working as features in the tracks, @Krinkels for creating the series, @TomFulp for creating the website, TrauFrosch, my friend, for helping with the renders and @Matter-of-time-dz for helping with the teaser rigs. It has been a pleasure to work with you guys, I will never lose those memories. I hope everyone else will enjoy the album just as much as I did when listening to the wips and pre-public final versions. I will be listening to those for a very long time just as I still listen to the first SiN today. And thank you, the reader that might not be the artists above, for reading this and listening to the album! You should check those guys above out, absolutely all of them are under-rated. Years of work and thousands of hours of practice should not go unnoticed.




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LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh hey look, the amazing artist has once again spoken !!!
jokes aside, i was honored to have my rig figured out in your animation, i cannot thank you enough for that man !!!

What are u talking about man, I can't thank you enough for giving it to me. I'm shit at rigging xD

love u bro

Thank you guys so much for this opportunity. You guys rock and deserve nothing but the best.