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3D hard surface art and mentorship

I do 3D art in Blender. I've studied this program and art theory a lot and I am sure that I can provide you quality work for a reasonable price. I only take commissions for jobs that I am good enough at so the results end up as something I would be satisfied with as a customer.

Past projects:

I do:

3D illustrations of hard surface objects

Reference buildings based on your preferences/blueprints for your own projects

Optimized assets for games / Less optimized but more detailed assets for animations

Private lessons on a weekly basis for most of the basics and tricks I use to achieve my work

I don't do those because I am not good enough at them to provide quality work (yet):

Sculpting of organic shapes like characters or animals





I am working on improving in the categories I don't commission in yet so they will slowly become available as well. Pricing will be discussed privately, but since 3D art requires a lot more time and expensive hardware to create & polish than drawings my work starts at 50 euros (around 60 USD), increasing with the complexity of the product. I dedicate from 8 to 14 hours daily for days, even weeks in a row to achieve the results I have and as a human I must eat something and live somewhere. A part timer at McDonalds makes a lot more than I do on those pieces, so I would not call them expensive for the work put into them. The price is intended for personal use, a commercial license is 200%.

The private lessons are 5 euros (around 6 USD) per hour and you require a microphone, a discord account and to be able to speak and understand english or romanian.

Contact me through Newgrounds messages or on Discord ( EinMeister#4035 ) if interested.


Latest News



Wow, when I returned to NG I did not expect to get so many people interested in what I do. This is really amazing, especially the fact that most of those people are fellow artists of all sorts! Besides, some of them are people i've never imagined being interested in what I make, people whose work I really like and that inspire me.

Those people are:

  • @Cymbourine, the reason why I ended up here in the first place, reminded me of madness and newgrounds in some discord server I got in. Also one of the best illustrators I know about
  • @Midgetsausage, my scout!!!
  • @Kyuri08, anime speedrunner artist. Kyuri, you post so often, HOW, how can you manage to make so much good quality artwork in such small amounts of time, madlad!
  • @Xinxinix, coolest podcast host, pretty much the only one I listen to nowadays.
  • @Ninjamuffin99, pretty much one of the most active members of this whole community, fellow Blender brother.
  • @Sexgazer, :flushed: that shading, dude!
  • @MonoCronic, the one with the coolest track in the Somewhere In Nevada collab album.
  • @CryptVoice, extremely hard working musician whose music became a drug for me, If I find how I will mod my Cyberpunk 2077's radio to have his tracks as well.
  • @Voodoovenom, the only one that manages to impress and disturb me equally.
  • @Chdonga, funny orange man that hates me for being a zoomer, if not Ninjamuffin, then he is definitely the most active member of this community.
  • @Snailpirate, the one whose artwork I stole for my discord pfp just to link him the source later without looking at his name, based.
  • @MKMaffo, based on the Newgrounds podcast, a very relatable artist with an unique artstyle that I'm overanalyzing every time, I just can't take my eyes off your art, always wondering how can the sharp messy stylized lines show so much gesture and emotion.
  • @Matter-of-time-DZ, master of Blender rigging and great friend.
  • @AntonM, LoFi hiphop in pixels.
  • @Wandaboy, Charlie Brown.
  • @AlbeGian, @TheDyingSun, @Gallowjolt, @Karlestonchew and @KnoseDoge, part of the friendly team that made THIS, my first collab ever. The final result is amazing, but the best part are all the WIPs shared privately and seeing how each piece got created, step by step. Hope we work together again next year ;)
  • Last but not least, the person who we have to thank the most for bringing us all together into a platform in which numbers are not everything, @TomFulp!

Thank you a ton for supporting me and continuing to help me, regardless if you know about it or not, lots of you inspire me and help me become a better 3D artist. I will do my best not to disappoint and fill your news tab with the best that I can do.

Happy holidays!