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I'm Ein and I am passionate about honest art in all shapes and forms, be it mine or others'. Quality over quantity

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EinMeister's News

Posted by EinMeister - 4 days ago




Posted by EinMeister - October 9th, 2021


Even if I spent 6-14 hours daily for 5 weeks, weekends included, to make this

seems like it is all for nothing since there are hundreds of other models of the same thing that might be better.

I don't even know why I'm trying, I have no plan B and I can't take the easy route, now what

Sucks to do art


Posted by EinMeister - September 22nd, 2021

MMMMYA YA! Finally! It is madness day and me with the boys managed to finish a year long project. I did the 3D animation for the album's teaser where @RyuuAkito helped with the TV effects and my frog friend helped rendering. I got a potate PC so I have to beg friends with good computers to help out. Ryuu also managed the album btw.

@stoofer97 made the amazing effects and rendering for the youtube upload of the album, badass!

@SquashHead did the iconic album cover, kudos to SquashHead!

I can't believe I got to work with @Cheshyre, who has made the music that was part of my childhood, back when the only games that I played were flashies, now I'm already technically an adult that can drink and drive (not at the same time) and I still love his music, maybe even more than when I was a kid and didn't understand how hard making music this good actually was.

@Lothyde !!! I also can't believe I got to work with him. Besides this album I made the album cover for his Cheshcore Vol. 1 on bandcamp, go buy it!!!! (or at least give it a listen, can't go wrong with that).

@MonoCronic, the one and only! Thank you Mono, without you I don't think I could've ever participated in the project. Badass music and badass friend.

@SentryTurbo, I can't say the album got an objectively best song since all of them are so good, but my personal favorite is Mad Ones from him, go listen to it!!

@Patrystyk and @Vestik (aka Ristik and Vestik) even though their names are similar they are not the same person.

@NavJ03 NAVOJJJJJJJJJJJ, he publicly announced that he needs more subs on youtube and tbh he deserves them so go susbcribe.

@CryNN When you go to a rave make the DJ play his music. If he doesn't want to pull out the big iron.

@Demonicity One of the chillest people I've met. Makes so much music and still reacts to reviews on songs he made years ago.

@Whalefat If all whales did music like him the earth would be 29% ground and 71% pog fishies and sharks.

Also thanks a lot to @NickSenny and DoubleThunder (which does not have a NG account YET, here is his soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/doublethunder) for working as features in the tracks, @Krinkels for creating the series, @TomFulp for creating the website, TrauFrosch, my friend, for helping with the renders and @Matter-of-time-dz for helping with the teaser rigs. It has been a pleasure to work with you guys, I will never lose those memories. I hope everyone else will enjoy the album just as much as I did when listening to the wips and pre-public final versions. I will be listening to those for a very long time just as I still listen to the first SiN today. And thank you, the reader that might not be the artists above, for reading this and listening to the album! You should check those guys above out, absolutely all of them are under-rated. Years of work and thousands of hours of practice should not go unnoticed.




Posted by EinMeister - August 25th, 2021




Posted by EinMeister - April 11th, 2021

After two thousands of hours of experience in 3D speedran in just 11 months I decided I am qualified to share a part of my knowledge with the community, since it is thanks to other creators that I am where I am now. I want to help the beginners, so I put together 4 episodes of explaining shaders, also called materials in Blender. It is completely free and you can watch it on my youtube channel:

Full course playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGFcXZZ-rEBoszw_antw2hhjepUaAXMHV



Posted by EinMeister - April 1st, 2021

I am sick of this bs, Blender keeps giving me problems that could be fixed so easily if they were as compenent as Autodesk and had bigger budget. I'm not going to play loser anymore, from today I am switching to Autodesk Maya. Its modeling is superior anyway, no need to worry about modifiers, navigating is just as it is in Substance Painter, the renderer is physically accurate and really thick and the interface is so much nicer!!!?@!!@!@!!!

1600$ per year is totally worth it, at least I won't have to deal with free software problems anymore. Screw this.

For real though, the only day in the year in which I would ever say this is april fools. Check out what i've been working on for the past 2 months. I've learned fusion 360 and some moi3D and practiced a ton of Substance Painter, watched some courses and got to start a mechanical leg project:




Not finished yet, those renders and screenshots won't make it into the final showcase as I have some stuff to improve. I'm doing some rigging right now. Decided to put them here since otherwise they will just be lost as WIPs on my hard drive forever. Hope u like them and I can't wait to put them together in a finished showcase.



Posted by EinMeister - December 8th, 2020


Wow, when I returned to NG I did not expect to get so many people interested in what I do. This is really amazing, especially the fact that most of those people are fellow artists of all sorts! Besides, some of them are people i've never imagined being interested in what I make, people whose work I really like and that inspire me.

Those people are:

  • @Cymbourine, the reason why I ended up here in the first place, reminded me of madness and newgrounds in some discord server I got in. Also one of the best illustrators I know about
  • @Midgetsausage, my scout!!!
  • @Kyuri08, anime speedrunner artist. Kyuri, you post so often, HOW, how can you manage to make so much good quality artwork in such small amounts of time, madlad!
  • @Xinxinix, coolest podcast host, pretty much the only one I listen to nowadays.
  • @Ninjamuffin99, pretty much one of the most active members of this whole community, fellow Blender brother.
  • @Sexgazer, :flushed: that shading, dude!
  • @MonoCronic, the one with the coolest track in the Somewhere In Nevada collab album.
  • @CryptVoice, extremely hard working musician whose music became a drug for me, If I find how I will mod my Cyberpunk 2077's radio to have his tracks as well.
  • @Voodoovenom, the only one that manages to impress and disturb me equally.
  • @Chdonga, funny orange man that hates me for being a zoomer, if not Ninjamuffin, then he is definitely the most active member of this community.
  • @Snailpirate, the one whose artwork I stole for my discord pfp just to link him the source later without looking at his name, based.
  • @MKMaffo, based on the Newgrounds podcast, a very relatable artist with an unique artstyle that I'm overanalyzing every time, I just can't take my eyes off your art, always wondering how can the sharp messy stylized lines show so much gesture and emotion.
  • @Matter-of-time-DZ, master of Blender rigging and great friend.
  • @AntonM, LoFi hiphop in pixels.
  • @Wandaboy, Charlie Brown.
  • @AlbeGian, @TheDyingSun, @Gallowjolt, @Karlestonchew and @KnoseDoge, part of the friendly team that made THIS, my first collab ever. The final result is amazing, but the best part are all the WIPs shared privately and seeing how each piece got created, step by step. Hope we work together again next year ;)
  • Last but not least, the person who we have to thank the most for bringing us all together into a platform in which numbers are not everything, @TomFulp!

Thank you a ton for supporting me and continuing to help me, regardless if you know about it or not, lots of you inspire me and help me become a better 3D artist. I will do my best not to disappoint and fill your news tab with the best that I can do.

Happy holidays!



Posted by EinMeister - September 22nd, 2020

Madness is what made me get so attached to Newgrounds back then when I had no profile and what remembered me of this site and brought me back once i forgot about it. It feels like one of the most important parts of this community, a classic, oh yes. I hope everyone enjoys their day.

Also here's my artwork for the day B)



Posted by EinMeister - August 31st, 2020


How do I even make it embed


Posted by EinMeister - August 2nd, 2020

I thought COD was a bad franchise, but apparently I was wrong. Reviewed the latest published game here


I have no idea how to do embled files, please help.

Also sorry for my monotone voice.