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I'm Ein and I am passionate about honest art in all shapes and forms, be it mine or others'. Quality over quantity

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That's rough man.

You are a 3D artist, you can do more than weapons.
Yeah, it sucks know there are people who do the same things as you or better
Try to do something different and don't give up, I see potential in you

I almost do anything except characters, and it is pretty hard to impress people with objects. I am just not passionate about creatures or motion, I see more beauty in objects and it is hard for others to relate. I'll try to do some other kind of hard surface, or maybe continue the style i've made in my leg project.

Gun models are a multimillion dollar specialty thanks to industry giants like Activision's COD or any of its competitors. People who've been doing modeling for 20 years at 6 figure incomes do that. That's not a fair benchmark for yourself.

I know such people, I met a bunch of artists with a ton of experience, but I also wish there would be something that I could do so I am employable somehow.

Am not an expert at this kind of stuff because i just started like 2 months ago, but i'd recomend you to try something new

Do industrial 3D models. That's what's currently lacking. Detailed Oil Rigs, Chemical plants, Turbines, Pump Trucks, Pipes, Valves, etc

If you just do what's popular, it's going to be a saturated market. Find a niche and take full ownership of it.

Do you think people would enjoy art pieces with a bunch of pipes and plumbing? I mean I could try...

I think all your 3D work shows a lotta care and passion, and the amount of time you spend on it really shows, no matter what I see from you

If you feel like you're navigating in a type of art that's vast and saturated, I'd recommend branching out to other stuff. There's no reason to pigeonhole yourself and feel shitty about your work mate

Thanks Gallow, I don't know, lately I've been burnt out (again), but this time it isn't from too much work but other sources demotivating me. I keep getting told that it is a stupid thing to spend my time on and I should go the default life route, learn coding and code until i can't anymore. I don't like exact sciences, people around me try to shape me the way they want me to be, I am in my final year of highschool and I have no idea what tf I should do after it. I won't miss school, I hated every single second since first grade, but I am afraid of what the future might keep for me. I put and am still putting extreme amounts of effort on my art, I think I am on the right path on this thing, I just hate when people tell me that what I do is nothing special, no one cares, that there are hundreds of other models just like mine and most of them are better and/or cheaper, it feels like all of my effort was for nothing. I've been feeling down lately.

There is nothing original anymore. The best you can hope for is that it is more niche.

my effort is always wasted

It's not necessarily about enjoyment as it is about need. I purchase 3d models of various things for my job all the time. I even hire 3d modelers to make custom objects for me that I can't find on any online library anywhere.

Why not cherry pick the designs you fuck with most and look into pitching a portfolio to airsoft manufactuers Or model company's?